Our Story

Noemi Swim was launched in October of 2019 with the vision of creating a genuine brand for girls all over the world. Our mission was to create high-quality, affordable swimwear that women would look good and feel confident in!

From when I was 18, I dreamed of starting my own swimwear brand. I was tired of going to stores I liked, but not finding a bathing suit that I absolutely loved! But as life moved on, I placed that dream on hold for years. It was only after I realized that other women, close friends, and colleagues shared the same sentiment that I did, that I had to spin that dream into action. And thus, Noemi Swim was born.

Our collections are inspired by the latest trends in swimwear fashion. We wanted to provide a variety of cuts, colors, and prints, so every woman could find a piece she felt beautiful and sexy in! Bikinis are no longer exclusive to the petite, model-esque frame. We wanted curvy women, full-chested women, athletic women, and small-chested women to find a sexy swimsuit that hugged all the right places and still looked fashionable!

Every swimsuit is hand-selected and chosen for its quality, cut, and trendiness. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends in beachwear, and try our hardest to incorporate styles you’ll love! Noemi Swim was made for you!

We hope you enjoy and love all that Noemi Swim is. She was created through hard work, determination, and an overcoming of several obstacles and fears.

Thank you NS Babes. Xoxo.